Fazenda Capital is a private equity fund specializing in investments in the Agricultural industries and Agrobusiness in Mexico.

Constituted under the legal figure of Private Capital Trust ( PACT ) , the Trust is Invex Bank SA , Multiple Banking Institution , Invex Grupo Financiero.

The administration and operation of the Fund in Fazenda Administradora S.A.P.I . is run by a team of extensive and solid experience in the management, institutionalization , the strengthening of the financial and business sectors, and the participation in corporate governance of companies in the agro and capital industry in Mexico, with Luz Guadalupe Rodriguez Martell and Carlos Alberto de la Torre González. Our directors of the Fund, with their experience, along with the credibility and relationships they have in the industry, making of Fazenda the ideal mean for the opportunities that will provide the sector in the coming years.

In its investment we will avoid primary production companies to invest in the agro processing or distribution, logistics or marketing of agricultural products.

Administrator team